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MFH Saúde – My Family Health offers a unique service of Personalised Medical Assistance (PMA), based on promoting health and preventing disease.

Our Clinical Coordination for the family defines a global integrated health policy for the whole family, as well as an exclusive and trusted medical support by our GPs whenever a patient is referred to a consultant specialist.  


Personalised Medical Assistance (PMA)

Your GP is not only your primary contact doctor, but also provides the family with continuous, interactive and integrated medical supervision and follow-ups at all stages of the clinical process. 

  • GP appointments allow an appropriate time for an effective family medicine that respects the medical process and promotes constructive communication. 
  • When referring a consultant, your GP will coordinate and accompany the whole process, facilitate your understanding of the consultant’s diagnosis, and recommend the obtaining of a second opinion whenever necessary.
  • When selecting diagnosis or therapy centres, your GP will provide similar support, offering advice as well as support in the identification of alternatives. 
  • In the event of a hospital internment and surgery, your GP will maintain dialogue with the medical team responsible for the procedure. 

Our proactive medicine focuses on promoting health and preventing sickness, ensuring the long-term well-being of the family. Your GP will provide advice on the best health practises, recommending appropriate screening procedures according to the individual´s health history. 


Features of Personalised Medical Assistance (PMA)

The Personalised Medical Assistance (PMA) services at MFH Saúde – My Family Health are characterised by a service that is holistic, is always there for you, and covers all relevant areas. 

  • Holistic – Our intervention is focussed on the person as a whole and deals with all types of health issues
    The family member is considered as a biological, psychological, and social being who is part of a family and a community
  • Scope – We provide a broad spectrum of care, as well as referrals and liaison with other medical doctors and healthcare professionals
    The team has extensive expertise in multiple clinical cases attained over decades of experience
    The team is experienced in conditions of multiple chronic pathologies and/or where various distinct health problems coexist, such as occurs in an ageing population
  • Accessibility – Our objective is to provide health care as swiftly as possible, be it in the medical clinic or, if appropriate by phone.
    Our service includes consultations at the clinic and comunication by telephone or email
  • Continuity – We provide continuous care over time
    The provision of long term personalised care includes coordinating care services, following up medical results and organising continued treatments
  • Breadth – In depth knowledge of the patient and the patient’s family
    Our doctors will get to know your family and understand each individual’s needs


The Personalised Medical Assistance (PMA) services at MFH Saúde – My Family Health provides:

  • Appointments in the medical clinic and comunication by telephone or email
  • Clinical assistance to the whole family
  • Referrals to relevant health institutions and medical consultants, as well as the following up and coordination of this process
  • Liaison with Health Insurance Companies, advising on the best options available as well as following up this process
  • Advice regarding Healthcare expenditures
  • Support in defining a global health policy for the family
  • Confidence in a professional, available and proactive medical team


A Health Policy

The services provided by MFH Saúde – My Family Health are carried out in a professional and innovative way, through the issuance of a health policy.

This insurance contract covers all the aforementioned benefits of PMA, and includes important advantages for the family:

  • Simplicity in using the benefits, according to the time period defined in the policy.
  • Expenditure monitoring, according to the number of subscribers to the policy.
  • Professionalism with regards to the benefits provided, separating the financial realms from the provision of health care services.