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Family Health

We view the family as a fundamental pillar of our society that should be cared for and protected from generation to generation, bearing in mind the relationships between family members. 

We live in a constantly changing world and the family’s wellbeing is at the heart of inter-generational concerns.

At MFO | Multi Family Office ® we recognise that physical, psychological and social Health is fundamental to guarantee the family’s continuity.



The Family-Corporation duality

Many families are creators of jobs and wealth in their communities.

Family corporations are, in fact, the foundation of many world economies, thus highlighting their importance as investment stimulators and job creators. 

At MFO | Multi Family Office ® we understand the duality between Family and Corporation, and consequently we adopt a long-term view in our work, as we believe that it is the multi-generational time frame, as opposed to the quarter or year, which makes family corporations unique.



Family Medicine

At MFO | Multi Family Office ® we view Family Medicine (General Practice) as a personalised medicine which seeks to understand each individual as a whole, addressing their biological, psychological, social and cultural aspects. 

We believe that family is a fundamental factor when considering the health and sickness of an individual.

We believe that general practice medicine is particularly relevant to address Family health issues.  

Family Medicine looks at each person as a unique individual, who is also part of a family and a community. 

We consider this medical area as the foundation of a modern medical health system.



A unique family medicine service

MFO | Multi Family Office ® offers a unique family medicine service promoting health and preventing disease. 

Primary contact doctors

At MFO | Multi Family Office ® your medical doctor is a general practice (GP) specialist who looks at each patient as a whole, keeps clinical records for the family, recommends the best medical specialists, as well as diagnostic and therapy centres, and helps with the entire clinical process. 

Finding out who is the most appropriate specialist for each situation is a complex task. Sometimes, in order to arrive at a satisfactory diagnosis, a patient needs to consult several specialists and do multiple clinical exams. 

  • There are 48 specialty colleges and 18 subspecialty colleges in Portugal, making it sometimes difficult for the patient to choose a specialty based on their symptoms;
  • Many medical doctors focus on specific practise areas within their specialty;
  • Each medical specialty is by definition restricted to its area of practise. Therefore, seeking a medical specialty as a first point of contact may not always be the best tool to provide a holistic view of the patient’s symptoms as well as to understand the possible relationship of those symptoms with other pathologies;
  • An experienced GP is beneficial to the diagnostic process as well to the appropriate referral of the patient to a consultant when required.


To seek medical advice directly from a consultant/specialist doctor can be a strenuous and somewhat inefficient process.  

We believe that your GP must be your primary contact doctor who oversees all your health issues. Whenever a family member shows symptoms or falls sick then your first point of contacts should be your GP. 

Whenever a health issue goes beyond your GP’s scope, an appropriate specialty area will be indicated and you will be referred to the best specialist for your particular circumstance, avoiding the loss of valuable time and effort. 




The team and experience at MFH Saúde – My Family Health

The promoter’s experience includes the creation of a leading Portuguese health insurance company and the development of partnerships with the country’s top health professionals. 

The unique experience of our medical practitioners includes thousands of clinical cases across Portugal in partnership with well-known health institutions.

The medical team at MFH Saúde – My Family Health has helped provide for the medical needs of thousands of families for decades, ensuring high-level medical service in Family Medicine in Portugal.