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MFO | Multi Family Office ® is focussed on the most exclusive customer of all – the Family.

MFO | Multi Family Office ® provides integrated and innovative services to meet the needs of families, bringing together their most relevant concerns. 

We offer personalised services of top quality and commitment by experienced and independent professionals. 

MFO | Multi Family Offic e® modifies the traditional market services pyramid, providing Personalised Medical Assistance (PMA) at the core of its services.


Our goals

At MFO | Multi Family Office ® we aim to:

  1. Plan and provide our services for each family, making the most of our partnerships in order to increase efficiency and create value;
  2. Protect and develop the client’s assets by identifying and optimising the main risk factors affecting each family with regards to the market environment;
  3. Promote an environment of confidence and positivity within the family by providing professional support at the highest standards of service. 



  • Integrated and professional understanding of the family’s needs
  • Sharing of best practises
  • Confidentiality, discretion, and independence
  • Risk control
  • Counselling at the highest ethical standards



Management of the client’s assets and staff

Service management

  • Human and other resources management, namely the buying, selling and renting of property and equipment, as well as drafting of contracts with third parties
  • Real estate brokerage
  • Buying, selling, letting and subletting of property and equipment; and
  • Shared service provision

Personalised Legal Support

Competent and independent experienced professionals

  • Advice in selecting external lawyers and law firms, meeting specific needs in different areas:
  • General legal advice
  • Litigation
  • Contracts and negotiations
  • Court representation in cases of legal family protection, car accidents (material damage), condominium issues and family liability


Tax Advisory

Support to Companies and Families

Individuals and Families

Efficient and discrete family support in relation to its specific needs, namely:

  • Access to up-to-date information and adequate tax advice in planning for investments
  • Inheritance structuring
  • Structuring individual shareholdings
  • Other support services namely accounting, compliance with tax obligations and tax optimisation.

In addition, individuals who choose Portugal as a domicile for their assets can access specialised technical support: Portugal has a favourable income tax regime for non-domiciled residents that acquire tax residence in Portugal. 



Specialised consulting and specific support in order to minimise global risks and develop efficient strategies both at home and internationally:

  • Support in developing and implementing national and international investment structures, taking into account the specificities of the country of origin and destination of the investment
  • Analysis and recommendation of tax strategies in international company restructuring
  • Structuring international income flows
  • Review of transactions from a tax perspective, on one or more jurisdictions
  • Planning and implementing mergers and acquisitions and corporate reorganisations
  • Tax implications of financing
  • Analysis of the most efficient tax locations, namely for holdings, and review of tax impact
  • Use of international tax conventions to avoid double taxation


Disputes between tax payers and fiscal authorities

Assisting clients in:

  • Prevention, management and resolution of litigations
  • Identification, quantification and qualification of risks and tax contingencies
  • Assistance with regards to tax inspections
  • Support in responding to the Tax authorities
  • Review of supporting documentation
  • Preparing court cases and auditions
  • Preparing requests for written clarifications from tax authorities


MFO | Multi Family Office ® provides management services in areas such as:

  • Human resources management, namely the buying, selling and renting of property and equipment, as well as drafting of contracts with third parties 
  • Financial management, planning and internal control
  • Accounting
  • Control of bank accounts
  • Tax returns
  • Advice in cost control and management
  • Management of construction work and renovations
  • Representation at condominium meetings
  • Advice in loan applications and administrative support; i.e. contracts, mortgages, registration
  • Real estate and property management; Portfolio advisory; Purchasing and Sales mandates; real-estate valuation; market surveys.


Support | Concierge Services

Addressing basic needs

  • Payment of bills
  • Recruitment of housekeepers
  • Travel support and holiday planning
  • Management of family’s car fleet
  • Management of rental contracts
  • Management of household contracts: electricity, water, gas, television and telephone
  • Management of files

Governance consultancy

  • Corporate and family governance 
  • Assistance in defining and implementing partnerships
  • Planning and implementing mergers and acquisitions and corporate restructuring
  • Corporate planning
  • Financial reports
  • Advise in the transfer of assets
  • Succession planning
  • Planning charitable or philanthropic investments
  • Advice and support regarding school and university education
  • Advice and support regarding professional training and technical degrees
  • Advice and support regarding free time activities and sports
  • Support in enrolments, payments and assessments