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An innovative Multi Family Office concept that seeks to protect and value the family. Each of our innovative services is based on the highest ethical standards, addressing the expectations of our clients and the confidence deposited in us.

The long-term goal of a Family Office is the preservation of the family’s assets for present and future generations. The main focus is the sustainability, well-being, and long-term financial planning of the family. 

However, internationally, the main reasons for hiring the services of a Family Office are related almost exclusively to the financial management of the family’s assets.

MFO | Multi Family Office ® introduces a new and more inclusive concept of Family well-being with a unique focus on the family’s Health. We consider this a core factor that effectively allows for the well-being of the family and enables the fruition of the family’s assets.

Confidence comes not only from the growth of financial assets, but also, and in particular, from the Health and well-being of all members of the family. 

MFO | Multi Family Office ® Team and Experience

We are committed to a culture of excellence and are passionate about serving our clients.

The promoter’s experience includes the creation of a leading Portuguese health insurance company and the development of partnerships with the country’s most competent health professionals. 

The unique experience of our medical practitioners includes thousands of clinical cases across Portugal as well as partnerships with well-known overseas health institutions.

The medical team at MFO | Multi Family Office ® has helped provide for the medical needs of thousands of families for decades, ensuring a high-level medical service in Family Medicine in Portugal.